Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Number one rule

I am so surprised at how many people don't wash their face. You must wash your face morning and night. Take all that make up off at night and wash your face. Use something that works well with your skin. You find out what works by trying new stuff out. I'm a big fan of Cetaphil cleaners and Clinique face-wash. And I love love love PONDS cold cream eye make-up remover.
What I do:
1) I use Ponds cold cream and a cotton ball (Not a wash cloth) to gently wipe off my eye shadow, eye liner and mascara
2) I use Kirkland brand moist facial towelettes (from COSTCO) to get the rest of my face make-up off
3) Then its time to wash my face with my Clinique face soap and/or my Cetaphil cleaner
4) lastly, I use a soft wash cloth to pat my wet (CLEAN!) face off

Advice- Be very gentle with your face ESPECIALLY the skin right under your eyes. You don't want sagging, old looking skin when you're only 32.

Next, Using cream eye make-up remover is really gentle on your skin. All those oil removers aren't tough enough to get all that eyeliner and waterproof mascara off. I love the ponds cold cream. Be sure not to use the ponds anywhere else but your eyes. I used it to get my blush and bronzer off one time and I broke out the next day. Use it only on eyes! Be sure to wash your entire face after getting your make up off.

Yup, this would definitely be my number 1 beauty tip. its the first step... besides taking a shower regularly of course. More random tips to come!

Here are pictures of the products I talked about:


  1. I completely agree with your face washing rule!

    Fun fact: Did you know that the tip of your ring finger has the softest surface and is the best to use when putting on concealer?

  2. I knew that! Apparently, it also has the least amount of oil too. Crazy!